The world’s first self powered, wireless and customizable digital sticker!!   


This innovative product is designed to change the world of digital consumer interaction and digital signage, with the ability to feature countless still and moving images on a wearable sticker. GifSkin even allows consumers to upload and wear their own unique art and designs to enhance engagement for individual businesses and entertainment venues.

GifSkin is a subsidiary of Black Collar Innovations LLC. and began operations in 2017. Owned and operated by a talented group of inventors, production specialists and artists, GifSkin focuses on embracing collaborative and creative business practices. By combining our core values with innovative & dynamic technologies, GifSkin aims to establish itself as a leader in visual experience enhancement. GifSkin values building relationships with creative and tech savvy partners who share our dedication to superior products, excellent customer service, sustainability & affordability while wowing our consumers.

The Idea is Born

 Adam Shilts, GifSkin Founder, CEO, and Inventor, was researching modern tattoos and the different styles of body art from around the world.  Adam realized that it was going to be hard for body art to get any better than it is right now.  As he envisioned the future of digital display’s such as OLED and AMOLED screens coupled with real-time consumer interactions and engagement, Adam grew more excited about his new idea for tattoos and body art. He started performing additional research to see how he could make these customizable and interactive tattoos possible. It was here that GifSkin was born.

  • Tattoo wearers could turn these tattoos on and off as needed, which would be perfect for people who work in places that don't allow skin art.
  • Body art fans could also switch up the design and style of their tattoos to suit their evolving tastes and needs.  They could even have different tattoos for day and night.
  • Artists could even create their own designs and instantly place them on their body whenever they want.



During the early stages of GifSkin, Adam quickly realized that he didn’t want to focus on permanent tattoos at first. Instead, he decided that animated and customizable stickers would be a much broader market that posed fewer logistical challenges. With this focus, he began to develop GifSkin.

GifSkin is product line and services centered around dynamic and unique digital stickers. With short-term(skin) and long-term applications(more permanent surfaces), GifSkin offers a variety of options for individual consumers in various sizes and applications- A GIF digital file in full-color and high-resolutions applied directly to the skin or any surface you can stick it to, to feature either still and/or animated imaging. Customizable and interactive, the options for ‘Gif-art’ are limited only by the imagination.  Customers can upload images from the GifSkin app – or they can transform their own images into GIFs and upload them to their individual GifSkin display.

Although there are many ways to use GifSkin, our current focus lies within the entertainment industry, and we are currently targeting retail space at music festivals, theme parks and sporting events around the country. Through live event imagery and collaboration with performers and merchandisers, GifSkin brings a new and dynamic product into the market. Retail spaces at these venues have traditionally been lackluster, but GifSkin will allow fans to have a more interactive entertainment experience.

To make GifSkin a reality, our team is exploring several different materials that we can use to create a micro-thin and flexible film with optional adhesive backing. We are also developing a custom app with wireless upload capabilities. The team at GifSkin is excited to continue to our progress with this project and work with some amazing people in the process.


 Wondering what makes GifSkin so unique? It’s a combination of features that work together to create an innovative product that will revolutionize the way the world interacts with eachother, through creative imagery. 



  As we continue to prototype the GifSkin sticker and mobile app. We are also seeking collaboration and equity partnership opportunities for anyone who may be interested in being part of this unique project.  Bringing on the right partner will allow us to expedite the development process and enter GifSkin into the marketplace as soon as possible with focus on music festivals, theme parks, sporting events and digital signage for advertising.  We are open to meet with anyone who feels they can bring value and creative perspective to our team and project.  Please feel free to contact us through this page or via email at 

Meet the Team



Adam is a professional from Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. With a background and education in Business Management, General Sales Management and Personal Training, Adam excels in motivating those he works with, is an excellent social leader and, as a rule provides exceptional customer service. As business manager and adviser to multiple start-up companies, Adam has refined these skills, enhanced his overall management capabilities, and built a solid network across a variety of markets.

Adam took these skills and on his own to obtain his first provisional patent in 2011. The Wave Bar, an exercise and rehabilitation tool, was the Runner-Up in the 2015 Chippewa Valley Idea Challenge. Immersing himself in the process of developing the Wave Bar from conception to production, Adam has become fluent in multi-system collaborations with the first generation of Wave Bar products to hit the market in April of 2017. Since then, he has developed additional product ideas one of which is GifSkin.



Ryan’s education began in international marketing which highlighted global market analysis and cross- cultural communications. He then took this knowledge and expanded his work experience into communication engineering. He holds multiple certifications in the communications engineering Field and has worked within both acute care and administrative settings. After 4 years of work with GE as a lead tech for the upper mid west region, he finished with Phillips as a Field engineer for the smoky mountains region. Ryan is proficient in integrating complex biomedical monitoring systems into outdated infrastructures, identifying and tracking biomedical equipment through IR ‘tag’ technologies and is well versed in all components of similar research and development.

Ryan is also an avid carpenter and blacksmith; whose progressive designs bring together both his technical expertise and an innate creativity. Through both, Ryan has been able to successfully develop and produce innovative tools for multipurpose applications in recreational and outdoor markets. He does so with sustainability in mind and streamlines his production to maximize efficiency. All the above make Ryan an essential member of the GifSkin team.


 Maureen R. Chapin’s professional experience spans 32 years of strategic brand and reputation management initiatives at 3M Company, located in St. Paul, Minnesota. Functional area of expertise focused on business and corporate communications; Strategic Communications, Brand Strategy, Product Commercialization, Acquisition and Divestitures, Business Integration, Crisis and Executive Communications, Brand Consulting and Training, International. 


James C. Biesecker retired VP of Sales from 3M after 36 years of service. Functional experience included roles in sales, marketing, international business development and Lean Six Sigma. Business experience was primarily in 3M’s global Health Care group (Medical, Dental) located in St. Paul, MN headquarters, and 3M Health Care Asia Pacific headquarters in Shanghai, China. 

Mission Statement

 Our mission is to revolutionize consumer engagement through our innovative technology. 

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